“Hard to imagine a story about a nun and a priest would make it to Grit Lit–especially as a love story. But The Saint of Florenville takes a grisly turn for the worse when a young Catholic nun, Mother Marie-Therese, and her friend, an American priest, Father Thomas Jensen, are kidnapped, sexually abused and drugged in adjoining cells. The abuse seemingly goes on forever: kidnap, torture, murder — and a love story that springs from the worst situation since Silence of the Lambs. The Saint of Florenville is a new genre for Grit Lit: a Roman Catholic international travel thriller. Garrotto brings an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing priests and nuns from his extensive experience as a lay minister. Garrotto’s 10th book and sixth novel explores the odyssey that is human life in interesting, unique and very gritty ways.”— Myles Knapp, Grit-Lit Reviewer, Contra Costa Times (Bay Area Newsgroup)

“Imagine the most horrific treatment one human being could inflict upon another. Then skew the moral compass even farther from the norm by having the victims be a nun and a priest. This is the springboard situation on which Alfred J. Garrotto’s novel, The Saint of Florenville, a love story,” is based.  And in spite of the horror,  the book–as the title suggests—really is a love story.”–Bruce Roberts, Book Beviewer, Synchronized Chaos Online Magazine

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♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  (A 5-heart review)

 This is a gripping love story set in Bruges and a convent in the south of Belgium. Love of a different sort, love that has no bounds and no conditions. The story is well-crafted with strong characters, and the writing is inspired. Be prepared for a challenge for the story is cerebral. The book is steeped in suspense, and it is a page-turner. I was prepared to give it a week of casual reading; I finished it in two sessions. Highly recommended.

Harlan Hague, Ph.D.